Planning Your Key West Wedding – How To Find Your Southernmost Planner

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get married in Key West and are read to plan your wedding! If you’ve chosen Key West’s Oldest House as the venue for your ceremony or reception, you’ve chosen one of the most serene and lovely gardens in Key West. And the most exciting day of your life can also be serene and stress free if you have the right wedding planner.

If you’re planning a fairly small event – you, the groom and a few family members and friends, you may feel you can easily handle the details, but when you are trying to find out of town vendors — caterers, flowers, photographers, videographers, hairdressers, make up artists, — we think it’s easier to find a local event planner who knows all the local players and who handles what best. Your choice of food and beverage for example will determine which caterer is best. Your planner will know which hair salon will have the right stylist for your hair, which florist handles the types of flowers you want — all the details that make your special day go smoothly so you can concentrate on being the center of attention.

Below are some of the wedding planners and vendors we have worked with successfully.

Wedding Planners

  • Family Affair Event and Wedding Planning,
  • Getting Married in Key West’s husband and wife team are a great choice for smaller ceremonies. Between the two of them they can handle the officiating, the flowers and photography.


Your planner may have other suggestions, but some of the caterers you may want to consider are:

Wedding Photographers


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